KidsRuby Loves Raspberry Pi! Introducing Support For The New $25 Kids Computer

We are extremely excited to announce that we have KidsRuby running on the new Raspberry Pi $25 computer. The result of the hard work of a dedicated team located in the U.K., the Raspberry Pi uses an inexpensive ARM processor to bring the price of a computer down to an amazing new level. The first alpha version shown in public in the United States took place at the Golden Gate Ruby Conference during Ron Evans(@deadprogram)'s opening talk on Sept. 16, the day before Raspberry Pi's more formal introduction at Maker Faire NYC. You can watch the complete video of the talk on KidsRuby and Raspberry Pi here. KidsRuby being able to support the Raspberry Pi opens up many new possibilities for helping teach the next generation of programmers, and we are delighted to be working together!